Shirley Donaldson Notary FeesNotary Fees

I will agree my notary fees with you before we meet.  I can offer a fixed fee if a document is straightforward, already prepared and in the correct form.  However, if at our meeting the matter turns out to be more complex or there are more documents than you first instructed, then I may have to charge on a time-spent basis, which will be agreed with you. I may ask you to scan and email the document to me as this will assist me in providing a more accurate quotation.

Please note that additional notary fees may be incurred in the following circumstances. Where accompanying instructions from lawyers or organisations abroad are unclear. For example, a document prepared in English by a foreign lawyer may not give a clear indication of what is required.  In such cases, it will be necessary for me to contact them for clarification, to ensure that it complies with the formal requirements of that country.  This sometimes means amending the document.  Further, where I am required to notarise the authenticity of certain documents, I will sometimes have to contact official organisations, universities, colleges, employers or other third parties (whether here or abroad) for confirmation that the documents you have provided to me are genuine.    Please bear in mind that all this can take time and may increase costs.

Quotations and Estimates

I will  try to provide the best estimate/quotation for the total cost of undertaking the work. However, please bear in mind that except in the most routine cases, this may be difficult as much depends on the circumstances and the nature of the work to be carried out. Unforeseen circumstances can arise when dealing with foreign jurisdictions.  Therefore, estimates will be based on the information available to me at the time of your instructions and, whilst given in good faith, will not be binding. Variations in the instructions given, including requests for additional work or unexpected developments, inexperience, incompetence or lack of co-operation on the part of other parties or their advisers may increase costs.

My charges apply to all work undertaken, from start to finish, including preliminary details and advice, preparation, attendances, drafting, phone calls, correspondence, fax, legalisation and terminal work, including completing my Notarial Register and Protocol.


I am not registered for VAT.


Clients are responsible for all expenses incurred in dealing with a matter.  These are called disbursements, and typically include Legalisation fees payable to the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and/or Embassies and Consulates (including postage); to translators and interpreters; in respect of Companies House search fees; to Agents; travelling expenses where applicable; couriers’ and/or other transmission costs.


How much are Notary Fees ?My charges are payable upon signature and/or release of the notarised documentation. Acceptable methods of payment are cash, cheque with a cheque guarantee card or by direct bank transfer to my Notary Account.  Documents are released only upon clearance of cheques, which usually takes five working days.  Please ensure that you allow sufficient time for your cheque to clear.  I will provide you with a “receipted” invoice with the documentation.

Any queries concerning an invoice should be raised immediately upon receipt.  In the event of payment not being made as requested, I reserve the right to decline to act any further on your behalf and/or to exercise a lien over any papers or documents which are in my possession, until payment has been made.   In the event of payment not being made as requested, Interest is chargeable from 7 days following the date of the invoice at a rate of 4% per annum above Lloyds Bank Base Rate from time to time in force.

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